Virtual Therapy Dog for School Classrooms & Children

At the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation, we strive to promote education in various ways from our Medical Scholars Program (MSP) all the way to our Paws for Patients program.

While the world took a pause due to Covid-19, the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation’s “Paws for Patients” program adopted a virtual platform to provide an alternative education resource with our therapy dog Laney.

Laney has been visiting schools all over the world to promote child development and mental health awareness.

With children and adults forced into isolation and homeschooling, we at the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation feel that it is important to provide care to people who need our help.

Whether it be as simple as a child reading to a dog, or someone with special needs working on their development skills, Laney has played a role in providing a safe space for interaction.

virtual therapy dog reading
virtual dog therapy
virtual dog therapy kids

With Laney’s one-on-one approach, our “Paws for Patients” program provides a unique and judgment free experience.

Visit Laney’s page for more information or to book your appointment with her.