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Meet Our Founder

Dr. Ryan Osborne is one of the leading experts in head and neck oncology, and is widely known for developing ground-breaking surgical procedures that save lives, but his passion for helping people started long before his medical career.   As a child, the importance of community was impressed upon Dr. Osborne through life experiences that taught him no one can succeed alone.

Ryan was raised in Los Angeles, the son of a single, working mother. Despite having a father who left when Ryan was two years old, his mother was determined to improve their circumstances through education and hard work. It was the kindness of their community that made it possible for her to go back to school and work full time. Neighbors would pitch in and help when needed, rotating to make sure someone was always there when Ryan got off the bus, needed dinner, or had homework to get done.

As Ryan grew up, he realized this network of support was essential for his well being and personal development. Life’s possibilities were open to him, because of the daily acts of generosity, first from neighbors, then community groups, and ultimately local business owners.

The Osborne Head and Neck Foundation embodies the ideals of kindness, generosity, and service to improve the health of communities through medicine, education and business development.  The Foundation is a physical representation of the best in people, their desire to connect, share their gifts, and give back in a meaningful way. 

Without a doubt, the existence of the Foundation and its network of compassionate supporters, proves that simple acts of kindness from one person to another, can grow into global change.

Dr. Osborne’s story is just the beginning. You and all of our supporters make the Foundation a reality, and together we can continue to improve lives, and create a better future.

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Monthly Giving

Monthly donors are the backbone of the Foundation’s life changing surgical grants program. Your reoccurring gift ensures the humanitarian work that the Foundation is dedicated to, comes to life. Join our community and help provide reliable medical services to families in need.