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Domestic Services

Lifesaving medical care is a human right. Thanks to dedicated volunteer surgeons, and donors like you, treatment for ear, nose, and throat diseases is within reach for hundreds of patients in the United States.

Community programs, including surgical grants, patient housing, transportation assistance, domestic violence and veterans services, provide hope and health to those in need.

Changing lives

Surgical Grants

Our need based surgical grants program supports those who don’t have access to life changing ear, nose and throat care. Through this program, we treat head and neck cancers, hearing loss, and physical traumas needing reconstructive surgery, at little to no cost to the patient.

Volunteer surgeons and community partners provide care, including surgery, imaging, blood work, and pre and post operative treatment.


Changing Lives

Health Screenings

The Foundation empowers people to learn more about their health by providing educational and screening services to local communities. The strongest advocate in any decision about health is the informed patient. Screenings and educational seminars give community members a better understanding of their current state of health, and empower people to make timely decisions, maintaining or improving their quality of life.

Removing Medical Barriers

Patient Housing

Speciality medical care often required travel. For families already experiencing financial hardships, travel and housing costs to seek treatment can be an obstacle that prevents needed surgical care. We work with patients to find housing or subsidies to overcome this barrier.

Removing Medical Barriers

Transportation Assistance

Rare ENT diseases often must be treated in major cities with the talent, technology and resources to care for difficult cases. Those patients living in rural areas, and especially those in countries without western medicine, often must travel long distances for treatment. 

We work with patients to find travel partners, as well as subsidize travel directly, to help overcome this barrier to care.

Changing Lives

Domestic Violence Services

The scars of domestic violence, human trafficking, and other forms of physical abuse are much more than skin deep, but services for reconstructive surgery can often be a major step toward emotional healing. Our volunteers include world class plastic surgeons who donate their time to serve our community. If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE (7233).

Changing Lives

Veterans Services

We work with veterans, and the Veterans Affairs Office, to bridge the gap when the VA’s network resources have been exhausted, or when wait times become a matter of life and death. Patients who cannot wait for surgical services, will turn to the Foundation to diagnose and treat major illness when specialists are not readily available through their federal benefits.



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