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Improving the quality of life for underserved children and those living in poverty around the world.

OHNF Impact Missions

Guatemala Mission 2023

Our Impact Team is improving the lives of children living in poverty by working with a local school to complete transformational community projects in Antigua, Guatemala 2023.

Join our Impact Team and go on this life-changing mission, or support the project by donating to one of our fundraisers below.

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala has some of the most extreme combinations of systemic poverty, illiteracy, and inequality in the hemisphere. many indigenous people suffer from malnutrition, poor health outcomes, and low levels of educational attainment.

Education Is The Path Out of Poverty


 of children in Guatemala live below the poverty line


of Guatemalan students drop out after sixth grade


will graduate from high school

Impact Mission Goals:

Add up to 50 computers for community children to learn employable skills that can lift them out of poverty

Make over the living spaces of the youth to bring joy and comfort to those living there

Refresh the school and living quarters, inside and out, with new paint and onsite community works

Increase access to education skills training

Provide sporting equipment and personal items for each child

About Our Partner

Fundación Hogar de Niños Shalom

better known as Foundation Hogar Shalom

Children ages 8-17 live on site and come from broken homes, orphaned by circumstances out of their control.

Each child is sponsored by donors to provide food, clothing, education, and comprehensive life skills training.

Access to computers is difficult, but they provide a chance to learn employable skills that can lift youth out of poverty

About Our Partner Continued

Education at Hogar Shalom

Over 230 children receive education scholarships

It is difficult to obtain text books and computers throughout the country

The school currently has 15 useable computers for all children

The pandemic has made it more difficult to keep kids in school, with 100% remote learning

Every 12 days children come to the school for lesson plans and homework to take home

How We Work

We Partner with orphan care programs in the countries we serve, and offer resources so that they may be more effective at their mission.

We Mobilize individuals, communities, and churches to serve children and build lasting relationships through mission trips, sponsorship, and long-term partnerships.

We Empower, and challenge supporters to care for the needs of the orphaned with excellence.

What Is An Impact Mission?

Impact Missions improve the quality of life for underserved children and those living in poverty around the world by providing aid to community organizations in need of a helping hand.

These annual volunteer centered projects provide support to orphanages, schools, and shelters by raising funds, donating goods, and physically showing up to improve critical facilities.

While our projects can be domestic or abroad, often Impact Missions work hand-in-hand with our annual Medical Mission Teams in places like Peru, Ethiopia, and in Guatemala.

OHNF Impact Missions

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