Fundraising Teams


Patients and supporters are remotely teaming up to bring the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation’s new Medical Community Center to life.

These passionate people are working together to involve their friends, social clubs, churches, families and businesses in the community effort to expand head and neck surgical care for those most in need.

Join or start a team today, and help build a home for services our patients rely on.


Patricia Campbell

Dr. Osborne and all the volunteers of the Foundation, truly care about making an impact in the world. When I needed surgery, Dr. Osborne’s team was beyond caring and compassionate. I will be a supporter of their work in the community for life. If you believe in helping people in need of medical care, there is no better cause to support than this project.

$449,726 of $1 million pledged

Mendoza Family

Joe Mendoza

Our family fundraiser is in memory of my husband and the father of our three children, Joe Mendoza. He wanted to see this organization grow, touch more lives and last long into the future. This building will ensure all of these dreams come true, and I know with all my heart he would be proud that we are a part of making it happen.

$40,750 of $100,000 pledged

Laurie Hanna

I’ve been volunteering and working with patients of the Foundation for over 10 years. I know from first hand experience that there is a need to expand access to head and neck medical services here in Los Angeles. Join my team, and lets leave a positive legacy for our community!

$25,000 of $500,000 pledged

Patients 4 Patients

We are a group of head and neck cancer survivors dedicated to expanding the Foundation’s community programs. Building the Medical Community Center is critical to this goal. Join us and make this dream a reality!

$20,875 of $1 million pledged

Dr. Hamilton

I am committed to seeing the Foundation I love secure a home where their services can grow, and touch the lives of more families in need. Join me and support this worthy cause.

$0 of $500,000 pledged

Medical Scholars

We are alumni of the Foundation’s Medical Scholars Program, and we are committed to ensuring future patients, and students feel the impact of this organization we love. Learn more about us here!

$50 of $50,000 pledged


Laney is the official therapy dog for the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation’s Paws for Patients program. She wants to help as many people as possible!

$0 of $25,000 pledged