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We believe lifesaving medical care is a human right. Building a Medical Community Center will provide a necessary home for the head and neck surgical programs our patients rely on, and expand services for those in need.

Having a dedicated space will revolutionize our work. Learn how below:

Changing lives

Surgical Grants

Building the Medical Community Center is opening up new partnership opportunities. With an onsite surgical center partner, the Foundation’s volunteer doctors will be able to increase care for low and no income patients in need by 85%. Exorbitant costs currently faced at hospital facilities are a major hurdle for the Foundation to expand services. Removing this burden, opens up funding to treat more patients each year through our grants program.

Volunteer physicians treat head and neck cancers, hearing loss, cleft palates, sinus and breathing issues, and perform reconstructive surgery, among a host of other low and no cost head and neck services.

Changing Lives

Health Screenings

A Medical and Community Center will give volunteer doctors the space to perform regular health screenings and educational seminars for our patients. We currently rely on third parties to host these critical programs that empower our patients in making timely decisions on their health. A home of our own will allow these services to expand and become a fixture in the community.

The strongest advocate in any decision about health is the informed patient. The Foundation empowers people to learn more about their health by providing educational and screening services to local communities. 

Removing Medical Barriers

Patient Housing

Over 80% of the Foundation’s patients travel 300 miles or more for treatment. For families already experiencing financial hardships, the cost of housing and transportation is an obstacle that often prevents necessary medical attention.

Our new facility will include onsite lodging, where up to 6 patients and their loved ones can stay for no or low cost while being evaluated and treated, reducing or removing the burden of finding housing all together.

When not in use by the Foundation’s patients, lodging will be available for rent by partnered medical offices, generating a sustainable revenue stream that contributes to the housing grants program.

Humanitarian Aid

Medical Missions

Up to a year of detailed logistics and planning is required for each Medical Mission. For the first time, our team will be able to facilitate on the ground operations, stage medical equipment for transport, and connect with community partners all within our own space, streamlining this enormous undertaking.

Since 2016, volunteers and supports have changed over 4,000 people’s lives in Ethiopia, India, Belize, Peru, the Congo and Serbia.. and we are just getting started!

Removing Medical Barriers

Medical Scholars Program (MSP)

As a 4-week immersive mentoring and educational course for aspiring physicians, this highly sought-after program is a rare opportunity for high school students to learn from leaders in medicine and gain hands-on experience prior to college. Through the Medical Scholars Program the Foundation provides aspiring physicians a foundation of excellence and inspires a career of giving back through the noble profession of medicine. Exceptional Scholars who show dedication and growth throughout the program also may qualify to join on the next Medical Mission abroad. The next generation of doctors must continue our critical work, and this program continues the cycle of community leadership.

Removing Medical Barriers

Paws for Patients

Paws For Patients is our therapy dog program that improves the lives of our patients, and builds connections with the community through the power of animal therapy. After its launch in March 2020, this program quickly evolved into a way to provide an online outlet for those at home needing a dose of happiness during these challenging times. Through partnerships with online children’s reading groups and mental health organizations, Paws For Patients is encouraging youth to continue reading, and is decreasing anxiety and stress in our community.

Removing Medical Barriers

The Matadi Project

The Matadi Project is a group of benevolent international partners working to help patients access medical treatments. We bring individuals in need of surgical care from regions such as Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia to the United States for medical treatment.

We are connecting patients to medical teams with cutting edge technologies that have potential to save lives. Our network gives people the opportunity to access a level of medical care that is not possible in their home country.

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