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Foundation Kicks Off Capital Campaign to Raise $5 million for medical community center in Westchester

For the first time in Foundation history, the life-saving programs and services offered will have a permanent home.  Renovations will make roughly 5,000 square feet within an existing building a fully functional clinic and community spaces, with overnight accommodations for patients and their families. Much needed flexspace will consolidate the Foundation’s health, education, and humanitarian programs into one functional area, and will give our volunteer medical professionals the ability to meet current demand, with room to grow services in the future. 

Osborne Head & Neck Foundation Announces Major Move and Renovation Project

The Foundation is excited to announce we are moving forward with developing our new home. Until now, our life-saving services have existed through the coordinated efforts of dedicated volunteers and partnered facilities to help meet the needs of those suffering in silence from a range of diseases affecting ear, nose and throat health. Today marks a new beginning. With a home of our own we can grow our services and have a far greater impact in the lives of those without care. 

Our new office will be located at 8618 S. Sepulveda in the Medical and Community Center of Los Angeles, which is currently under development in a vibrant area of Westchester, steps from the airport. 

Plans Approved by the City For New Medical and Community Center

The city of Los Angeles has approved a proposal for the Foundation to build a medical and community center in Westchester, CA, which will serve as the organization’s first home for patients in need of head and neck care, and the volunteer medical professionals who serve them. Included in this plan is a dedicated surgical center for CARE Surgical, a Foundation partner. CARE Surgical will provide the Foundation access to an operating room for low and no cost surgeries. Other approved plans include exam rooms, overnight housing for patients who need to travel for treatment, and a multipurpose flexspace that will allow much needed space for current educational programs and humanitarian efforts abroad.

Architectural Renderings Submitted to the City for Approval

Architectural renderings have been submitted to the city for the Foundation’s proposed along with an impact study on the surrounding neighborhood. Core samples of the building have been analyzed for structural integrity as a potential rooftop space is being proposed with the developer that could generate income for the Foundation as an event venue, should it be approved.

Zoning Options For New Medical and Community Center (MedCom Center) Explored

Feasibility of the Foundation to acquire office space inside a new development at the corner of Sepulveda and Manchester in Westchester, CA are underway. Plans are being proposed to the city for rezoning the space to include surgical care and overnight housing, along with the potential for onsite event space.