I never want to forget the names of these children

This is my first day in Guatemala and I’m already moved. Even after more than 10 hours of travel, lack of sleep and some aching muscles I still found it hard to hide my smile as we drove to assess the work at the Hogar Shalom Orphanage and School. Why? Because good deeds started the moment I woke up. My Foundation jacket says “It seems impossible until it’s possible,” but little did I know that would be my experience on day one.

Kids Need A Place to Play

Today was our first full day of work at the Hogar Shalom Orphanage and School. Our first project is to paint the interior walls of a playground reserved just for the boys ages 8 to 11 who live onsite. Our goal is to make the space feel joyful, and full of love. We all are having so much fun working together and I was moved at how personal it was for everyone to make this playground a fun and uplifting place to hang out and just play.