Kids Need A Place to Play

Impact Mission | 2/27/22

By Glenn Price

Today was our first full day of work at the Hogar Shalom Orphanage and School. Our first project is to paint the interior walls of a playground reserved just for the boys ages 8 to 11 who live onsite. Our goal is to make the space feel joyful, and full of love. We all are having so much fun working together and I was moved at how personal it was for everyone to make this playground a fun and uplifting place to hang out and just play.

The simplicity of this small act of kindness had a big impact I believe on each one of us and the excitement and anticipation of seeing the boys reaction when they see their playground transformed is growing in all of our hearts. For kids to have a safe and caring place to learn and grow is significant for healthy development into adulthood.

It was so fulfilling to know that what we did today will serve as a small part of that development for young boys in this community who passed through this orphanage for many years to come. I’m so thankful to be here and serve these families in Guatemala with this exceptional team at Osborne Head & Neck Foundation.

This is Glenn’s first Impact Mission trip with the Foundation and he comes to us all the way from Tennessee. Glenn and his wife have four beautiful children.