Patient Stories


The “Swiss Kat” has Surgery  
The Experience of a Nervous Patient that Undergoes a Parotidectomy

Katharina Adler was born and raised in Switzerland and transplanted to Southern California years ago.  She has never forgotten her origin or her fear of surgery.  Ms. Adler developed a parotid tumor and did not know where to turn.
She tried to ignore the tumor hoping to avoid surgery, however it was inevitable.  This is her account of her surgical experience made possible by the funding of her travel expenses by the Osborne Head and Neck Foundation.

“I had surgery with Dr. Osborne and his dream team to remove multiple parotid tumors. It was a surreal experience. I felt like a Princess with an entourage of highly skilled medical professionals with impeccable bedside manners, and unsurpassed care and compassion. I really liked that he has his own state of the art surgery center. I was the only one there and everyone just catered to me.

The whole team is like family. Dr. Osborne and Dr. Hamilton did a phenomenal job, with no facial weakness and no paralysis, always having the aesthetic outcome in mind. They are highly talented surgeons who specialize in this type of surgery with extensive experience and skills. They are fully dedicated to the medical profession, with a warm, caring and compassionate personality. Laurie Hanna, the anesthesia provider, did her magic as well. I was not sick after surgery, was alert and thrilled that I could go home the same day with no post op problems whatsoever.

My family was being informed at all times of the progress and Dr. Osborne spoke to them before and after surgery. Laurie and Terry called to check on me later that day to let me know that Dr. Osborne will be available if I needed him. Thank you, Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton, Laurie, Terry, Noelia, Sarah, Xiomara, Alex and the rest of the staff for the great communication and the outstanding care.

Dr. Osborne is exceptional and has all the time and patience in the world for his patients. He will answer all your questions and concerns and explain in detail the whole procedure. Choosing Dr. Osborne, Dr. Hamilton and their amazing dream team for your head and neck surgery will be your best medical decision. Once you have had the royal treatment at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute, you don’t want to put foot in another practice.

I had multiple surgical experiences in different countries, and I find that OHNI is the crème de la crèmes of fine surgeons, medical office, care, dedication and compassion. I am very grateful to OHNI and recommend these outstanding surgeons to everyone. And what’s wrong with taking a few days trip to Los Angeles, it’s beautiful and it’s worth it!!!”

K.A. 001

In year 2003 my worst enemy, “cancer”, introduced me to Dr. Osborne. He became the main reason behind my survival – 11% chance of survival to be exact. During my medical procedures, I felt confused; upside down and sideways…I was scared. Hearing the words “you have cancer” was shocking, but from day one Dr. Osborne gave me reasons to believe that miracles are possible. He ensured me that he will do everything that is in his power, but it was a lot to do with my attitude towards the disease.

My survival was mostly in my own hands. Dr. Osborne treated me not just as another patient, but he became my mentor. His concern was not only about me but my family and the way they coped with my treatments. His consistent genuine care is what makes him different. I received my life back, but best of all I gained a new friend. He is the reason why I took life on with a different attitude. Today, because of Dr. Osborne I compete in triathlons and in year 2011 I will participate in Arizona Iron Man – not only as a competitor, but most importantly as a cancer survivor.

J.S. charlie_lustman

Hello, my name is Charlie Lustman and I am a sarcoma cancer survivor, YEAH! When I was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma of the upper maxillary, an extremely  rare disease, seemed that no one in my world knew what to do or where to go. Finally, I landed in front of Dr. Ryan Osborne. At the time, I was very angry and demanded to see Dr. Osborne’s credentials.

It was at that moment that I received  the advise and wisdom that was to take me on my year long cancer journey with hope,  power and inspiration. “Charlie”, Dr. Osborne said as he looked me in the eye, “You have  to believe in something bigger than yourself, myself and what you see in front of you”. Somehow I just settled into my chair and felt comfortable and safe for the first time since diagnosis. I understood what was in front of me and how hope, faith and understanding was the key to the journey.

Thank you Dr. Ryan Osborne for going well beyond the call of duty. Charlie Lustman Listen to songs from Charlie’s album, “Made Me Nuclear,” which is a collection of songs about his experience with cancer, here: