Our Guatemala Journey Begins

Dear Friends,

After two years of being postponed, the Medical Mission to Guatemala is finally underway! Since 2020 our vision of providing medical care to the impoverished families living in the tribal areas surrounding Guatemala City, has been met with extreme challenges due to Covid-19, but our incredible community of volunteers and supporters do not give up!

For the first time we have assembled two humanitarian teams of volunteers to work simultaneously on a Mission – a Medical Team, providing surgical care for families in need, and an Impact Team, focused on improving the lives of children living in extreme poverty by providing physical resources and community works to local partners.

Up until 1996 Guatemala had been at war for more than 100 years. The people have suffered through brutal dictators, genocide, and hostile outside influences. Over 60% of the population now lives below the poverty line with less than $150 a month to live on. The pandemic has made a bad situation worse, causing the children of Guatemala to suffer the most.

I’m proud to tell you we have partnered with Hogar Shalom Orphanage and School, an organization that tirelessly works to provide a safe and loving home for homeless Guatemalan children. With your help, we can lift children out of poverty with food, shelter, clothing, and education. Our plan includes providing computers, repairing leaking roofing, painting a shelter and school, and so much more.

If this wasn’t enough, in a country where access to medical care is extremely limited, dozens of patients in need were promised surgical care through the Foundation two years ago, but the borders closed. They have been waiting for us ever since.

Filling a promise of medical care to families with little hope is one of our most fundamental values. At no other time has it meant so much to me to personally go on a Medical Mission and fulfill our calling.

You make this life changing work possible and we need your support more than ever. Please make a gift to this critical work today.

With gratitude,
Dr. Ryan Osborne