Educational Seminars

The Foundation continues to sponsor Patient Education Seminars throughout the year.  OHNI Physicians meet regularly with patients, physicians, students and other health professionals to discuss evaluation and treatment techniques for disorders of the head and neck, as well as cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.  Patient Education seminars are held both in our medical office and at other venues in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  These events provide participants’ access to the OHNI physicians in a relaxed and informal setting and offer opportunities for group presentations and question and answer sessions.

A recent Physician Mixer brought together a multispecialty group of physicians and surgeons to discuss the treatment of allergy and asthma.  OHNI surgeons met with pediatricians, allergists, pulmonologists and internists to talk about the medical management of allergy and asthma and the latest medications being used to treat these conditions.  These events provide physicians the opportunity to meet specialists in the community and create a network of physicians. The Foundation sponsored the venue and dinner for this successful event.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Education Seminars offer participants the opportunity to meet patients who have had procedures.  OHNI Physicians present useful information regarding the latest products, procedures and techniques through the use of demonstration, video and case presentations.  Participants have access to one on one conversation with the OHNI Facial Plastic Surgeons and have the opportunity to participate in video morphing on site.  Attendees gain tremendous insight into the world of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and can speak with surgeons and current patients in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.  Participants at a recent event had the opportunity to meet a patient who recently had plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The patient discussed the process she went through in choosing a surgeon as well as her personal experience with surgery, recovery and the months following her surgery.  This discussion gave the attendees an in depth and personal look into plastic and reconstructive surgery.