Delivering News that is Life Changing

Medical Mission | 2/27/22

By Yessenia Aguiar

When we arrived I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone who had signed up to be a part of the Medical Mission. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but from day one everyone I met on the team was a beautiful soul. Once in Guatemala we went directly to the hospital to unpack our supplies, and to my surprise our work to provide medical care for those most in need got started right away! Three people were already waiting and ready for us to provide surgical care under local anesthesia. 

When we arrived at the hospital the next day there was already a line of people waiting outside to see us! That motivated me and reaffirmed the incredible need here in Guatemala. Today was going to be a busy one.

Those who came to see us traveled far from villages and tribal areas in the mountains.  I spent the day translating for the team in Spanish and telling those who hoped to be seen by our doctors if they were eligible for surgery. It was unbelievably difficult to turn someone away because of medical reasons. I wanted to help everyone.

One 16 year old boy I saw was born with a nose deformity and he was very shy. I tried to make him smile and laugh. The moment was so emotional for me, because that’s when I realized this child and his family are trusting me to communicate news that will be life changing, good or bad. 

Even though the work was emotionally difficult, I am incredibly grateful for my role. I had a chance to get to know most of the mothers, daughters, sons and fathers whose lives will be transformed because of donors and the incredible team of volunteers on this Mission. It made me realize how everything we are doing is so worth it, and I am glad to be a part of their journey of healing and a healthier life.